Am Not Beefing Kinaata, Am Only Answering His Question – 2rat


Kofi Kinaata has finally found his match; yeah 2RAT has replied the fante rap god in his yet to be released song ‘Which Kind Level’ can confirm.

Even though the budding rapper has refuted rumours that his new song is a diss to Kinaata, most music critics particularly Kinaata’ fans who had the chance of listening to the track think otherwise. To them, ‘Which kind level’ is a lyrical war to attack Kinaata’s persona.

2RAT known in private life as Alexander joojo Benyah has debunked rumours that, his yet to be released song, ‘WHICH KIND LEVEL’ is basically to diss and beef  reigning fante rap god Kofi kinaata.

In an exclusive interview with, the artiste said, “am only replying him. He dared anybody who thinks he is good as him to raise his hands and thats what am doing right now. My hands are up” – he stressed.

The fast growing artiste further stated that, its about time Takoradi music industry accepts the reality and put a stop to all the negativity.

According to him, the Youth of Effiekuma (kinaata’s hood) stormed his home with clubs and cutlasses with the intention of beating him but met his absence. I have nothing against kofi and i respect his level but which kind level? – he asked‎

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