Bubulubu – Letter To Takoradi Music Producers & Djs

Bubulubu - Letter to takoradi Music Producers & Djs

Later this morning Bubulubu was on Hyping University with Shadrack,He share a though concerning Takoradi Music Producers and Djs. He used one word to describe them “Discrimination”.

He continued by saying they don’t give chance for any upcoming Artist who is doing good songs or who is good.

-From his words-

For the Djs, they will take payo but you are not the real artist they are willing to help, even your song they will play it for 2 days sake of the money you have pay.

Cape coast and kumasi Djs are just there to help cape coast or Kumasi music to go far, so Know matter where you from, Your name, which studio did the track, the engineer behind the beatz. All what they know is they support everybody if you are good but discrimination take takoradi Dj’s, one way Artist One way Track. Just because they have contract with the Artist or they have contract with the studio so they have to do that.

Elormbeatz, stillVybes, chrisbeaz, WillisBeat, Melodyafrica,jamaybeatz,asantzbeatz etc…. they just know themselves but they don’t meet one & one to think about pushing Taadi artist or Taadi Music, but they only think of themselves and their only.

He continued, Taadi Engineers lack teamwork. They are creedy, they only want their produces songs to be play on radio. You will see taadi engineer’s chating, posting and commenting on social media but I tell you it’s a camouflage.

They will not make a better beat for you.

Nobody knows  the future, when Papy Kojo started No one was willing to help him when he goes to studio but now both Djs and Engineers wish they can have him on for interview or have him their studio to record.

Let us all support taadi music… Good music or Good Artist know matter where he/she from.