Coming Soon: FDBE TV (Make It Real Reality Show)

Hello lovely people of Ghana!!! Feel de beat entertainment television (FDBE TV) is coming out with a new television reality show themed “MAKE IT REAL “(MIR).

THE MAKE IT REAL  television reality show has been designed to search and showcase to the world the real talents across the globe.
The following are the underlisted talents the FDBE TV is searching for.
1. Famous musical icons
2. Upcoming musicians
3. Actors
4. Actresses
5. Commedians
6. Movie producers
7 .Music producers
8. Disk jokers (DJ’s)
9. Modellers
10 .Bloggers
11. Music and Video promoters
12. Any other talents that contribute to Ghana entertainment.
The FDBE TV will be at your doorstep�to make a live interview with you and take a video showcase of your talent.
This video talent showcase shall be solely broadcast and spread across all the social networks
Thanks for being part of our success story. FDBE TV, we making it real, MAKE IT REAL, believing in me believing in you.

All interested personalities who possess anhy of the aforementioned talent should ring  any of the numbers below;


By Sarpcess ( FDBE PRO )

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