LYRICS: E.L – Body Bags


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Why niggas wan fuck up my vibe
Why niggas so stuck up in the past
Why niggas wan turn me in a monster am super polite but if I switch up nothing survives
Why niggas wan fuck up the franchise
Turning my allies against me I swear y’all gon break up my bad side
Pen wise niggas can’t fuck up with my ink
I’m at the brink chaley fuck what you think
What you know about puns and punchlines
Metaphors on rhymes
Lomi bring the beef to y’all herbivores on time
Pronto, your weak bars can’t even come close
Your flow is compost, is compared to shit I
All I see is Deception and Lies
You could be a politician you’ll be excellent try it
Lomi never talking reckless on a record for likes
If you talking bout the record we can set it for life
So fuck beef I got bigger fish to fry
Quit criticising and a make a hit sometime
If you need help Holla me I get more beats
Instead of of yapping trynna get attention off me
Niggas wish I do well but never better than they do
Show you love when you down when come up they hate you
I hate that
Niggas throw shade like Ray Bans
Bar for bar,chaley you go chew like break pads
EL stay sweet y’all bitter
I’m Hakeem Olajuwon on the block for twitter
I see Dirty fuck boys with camcorder to spite you
With low cash self esteem and low IQs
Why the fuck would I react to a nigga who’s best rapper but scared to rap with the nigga
And why the fuck would I react to a nigga trynna stab me in the back but give dap to a nigga
You can’t fuck with me on any level
Spit game,Book smarts,Street smarts,Dick game,Looks charm,Humor
Is plane and simple move on
Things change
I’m insane I put it on
Reggie Rock,Obrafour,Lord Kenya,Okyeame, Eminem,Biggie,Pac,Talib, Jada
Whoever I murder for pleasure
I was raised in DC whatever whatever
You need a bigger budget to get Lomi to rap
BAR eliens running the map
I looked up to you now you losing my respct
Fly till you fell victim to the Lucifer effect
Let the nigga shine
Let the nigga rise
DNA sent the beat exactly 12:08
Dope bars, just another narco case
Body bags something get some body bags

Credit to @kay-l_rapstar (instagram)