Lyrics: Kay-L – King Without A Crown (freestyle)


Kay-L – King Without A Crown (freestyle) (Mixed by P-Yung) [Download]

Blood of a Slave,Heart of a King,y’all know what am about to do,
Yeah,so turn me loud on this.Kay!!(delay)
Ooo rororororororo

Like some military rulers am taking over with force and action
Nobody do this game like I,I do it with love and passion
You picking the microphone and beating me rapping,is sort of like constipation,is some shit that would not happen
You couldnt kick verses playing soccer with the Bible and you wanna knock me out
Nigga imma shoot you poh poh
I wont free you no no!
vex and I walk you out
You rappers are odd,you poor – you couldnt afford to pay attention
so I beat your ass up throw your hands up am making this interesting
Damn it I hit em with the rhythm
I kill em I heal I tell am that am the best that has ever come
Y’all rappers should ever come
for some lessons,am flexing
Nigga am the person your girly ve been asking bout
Your girly ve texting loud
take it personal
yet still I dont care
Cause mene killer no;everything I lace is on point like the decimal, nigga,Puff!!

Hɛɛ,abusuafoɔ moadaworoma,penpen wɔse no pen
Nɔkorɛ nso yɛ baakopɛ
Kokuromoti wɔhɔ yi yɛnsan ho mmɔpɔ
wɔn wɔse ɔmo abɛduru no yɛnyatwa mu hɔ
Yani abre sɛ kɔkɔbre
Mommu adeɛ a monhwɛ moakyi na yɛbaeɛ akyɛ,sɛ wate aseɛ!

I’m a killer forever
I never surrender
I always go shake em(tutututu)
I’m a beast but I come up in peace – Assalamalaikum
So these rappers are trynna forsake me
On the real,no rapper can shake me(neva neva)
I rest my hand on the trigger,trynna figure who gonna commit me,then I save me(kpa)
I rip mics and kill beats
I spill heats,and I hit em on a silk sheet
So no dame can give me a bad name
Nigga,I got mad fame
Put slut on a thug’s brain
I raise the bars make them scream Allah Ahu-Akbar!
You know my style,you that I’m wild
Its Kay-L the illest mutherfuckin’problem child.
The Beast!!

Ma menka bi nkyrɛ mo mani abre
Mote hɔ na monyɛ hwee
Nsɛm hunu na moodie
Yɛ agorɔ no yɛnim yɛ oo
Antoranhweɛ na mooyɛ dede no
Mompɛ bibi nyɛ,yɛn yɛɛkɔ yanim
Yɛɛsi abansoro a mose nkareda
Agorɔ bi na moodie
Yɛɛba na mose sɛn?Pɛ baabi fa!Huuu

For those of you who dont already know my name,I’m Kelvin Lyttel Rapstar
But I prefer to be called Kay-L
K-A-Y hyphen L
We were born to rule the world.Get it

Credit to Kay-Rapstar

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