LYRICS: Samini – Vextra


Samini – Vextra (Mixed by Brainy Beatz) [Download]


Ooo yea
Call it whatever
About to manifest the truth
Every faker get sacked
O Ooo yeaii
Ghetto we ride or die yea
Tell a faker bye bye bye bye

Verse 1
I Vex
Yup extra
So me join em up Vextra
From afar see dem ah set trap
Ah set fi we death trap
I’m gona drop a track and y’all to say whatever you want
Theses days every body say what ever they want
True lies real vibes say whatever you on
Karma come ina de end so later we gona see
It Seems like my rap niggaz silent beefing all the while so I seen my nigga prodigal tweet
Ting start trend pun the digital streets
Wey take one sec to go check my mans tweet
Natty was shocked to the bone wat I see
Industry beef with a different twist
So me check trends fi a lilkle more gist
So me cuda drop di punches like a physical fist
So me seh Prody yu are rapper
Leave dem mek Me murder dem
Cyaan dis de order and pretend you don’t remember dem
A dozen fuckeries
Yea we do remember dem
Cry fi awards and pretend they never wanted dem
So I called Wofa P
I told him dis be Koko so nuh serve dem no beef
Leave dem mek me mek de yout dem know seh ah fake dema fake and a long time we know
How do yu lie from kolegono down to Nima fi guh sabotage VIP
It’s like yuh fish wan start grow legs
Baldhead suddenly ah start grow dread
Vibes like dis wey dey make man dey miss nigga Promzee
Nanka wara wu b3 checkie

Hol’ on
Dem no love you like they claim they do
De getto ah fi learn dis
Slow down
Dem no love dem claim they do
Dem tek de getto money and dem suddenly switch ……
Back up …..

Verse 2
I know say Reggie self shock
Grand papaa
Ting just get real
Some people start show de real fake skills
No matter how you good dem ah guh hate still
Separate the real from da fake still
Flip a coin and it landed on the wrong side
Ah me fi tell you coward ina front line
I’m sure your fans dem can relate to the punchline
See some actor ina military uniform
Dem fake from roof down to de floor
Calm de hype for a minute Cuh we seen before
Demah hype seh me cyaan cum ah Nima
Seh dem fans dem sleep down ah Nima
Well Hold up
Di last me check
Inah 2016 Higrade lock de place check
Seh di last time we check
2016 and beyond

Chorus (Repeat)

When de Getto love you dem love you from de heart yu nuh
So from yu broke the getto people heart it hurt straight to the heart yu nuh
It cut deep

Anyway this track is free you know

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