Reggie n Bollie’s new song ‘New Girl’ is out NOW

Guys – slap on some sunscreen and treat yourself to a Twister lolly, ‘cos your song of the summer is officially here courtesy of Reggie ‘N’ Bollie off of The X Factor fame.

After coming second on the telly talent show and *just* losing out to Louisa Johnson, the boys are the first of last year’s lot to chuck out a single; and it’s got STEEL DRUMS and a line about Netflix and chill. Literally what more could you want?

Now obviously, ‘cos we like to stick our oar in wherever possible, we had to catch up with the lads for a chat about the track and a little dance tutorial. On one of London’s busies shopping streets. ‘Cos apparently that’s the kinda thing we do now.

Anyway listening to the song’s more interesting than reading about it, so let’s do that.

You can watch Reggie n Bollie’s performance of New Girl on ITV’s Lorraine above and download or stream the track now on iTunes, Spotify, etc.


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