Short Film Alert by young Ghanaian Director DELA FINN (Give It a Title)

give it a title mainExcellent sound in Movies have been a key reason why many would spend hours watching or even recalling old films or identifying the titles of films. In the art of film, none verbal films are not popular but many in depth film lovers enjoy none verbal films because it allows them to create the dialogue in their minds themselves.
The youngest none verbal Director in Ghana – Dela Finn, who recently broke into the movie Industry with his short inspirational movie (BoundToBe) is in the process of unleashing another believed to be a mind blowing none verbal short movie on the 19th of July 2016. As to what the Title of the movie is, he said; “I just shot the movie for the world to give it a title. So after watching it, then you GIVE IT A TITLE.”
Interesting right? The movie is to see the faces of Nelson Mandela Jnr and Jane Igwe. I Know you can wait to Give It A Title on the 19th of July.
To get updates on the upcoming movie from the young Director, follow him on all social media @[email protected] &@DelandFilms.

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