Upclose With Bekey Mills

Bekey Mills

Bekey Mills is a Ghanaian Austrian based Afro pop singer whose musical carrer kicked started in 2001 when he was in the Senior High School at St Thomas Boys Senior Secondary School in Accra Ghana.

He was in a music group by name “MELODYZ” who had dropped four (4) singles in 2010 and 2011. The music group relelased songs like :

Melodyz ft. Nii – Fine boy fine girl (prod. By Bonze Beatz)
Melodyz – Honey(Prod. By Bonze Beatz
Melodyz – Maabena(Prod. By Bonze Beat
Melodyz – Spell On Me (Prod. by Bonze Beatz).

When Bekey Mills was with MELODYZ, he was a hip-life artiste and changed to Afro-pop when he moved to Europe and fell in love with Afro-pop. He is engaged and loves his rice and palm nut soup, loves adventerous movies and is not a fan of politics. He has his sights set on his love for music and work.

Bekey mills is also a payroll administrator and as a private consultant in Austria. Bekey Mills had no mentor growing up since he wanted to be original and be him self. He mentored himself into being the person he is now. Music has been this artiste’s passion growing up and that is what makes him best at what he does.

When asked if he had any trouble with any artiste, this is what he had to say “: I only had a problem with Stay J For i was the one using the slogan yer menn .I approached him to feature him on the track “spell on me”
I gave him the song and the next thing i heard was my slogan in his next song: He had the opportunity to come out as a hit because he got the financial help but i did not confront him because i was more concentrated with my education by then.”

Aside that he has no probem with any artiste since he past that.

Bekey Mills has a production by name AKBEKENT which seeks to promote all music talents and discover up coming artists. Akbek was derived fromt he initials of his fiancee’s name and has one artist under the production by name Kofi Metta who releaed a sensational song “Only 1 God”. Akbek Entertainment is in conjuction with Turnmeup productions owned by song producer Rony.

Ghanaians should watchout for Bekey Mills An Afro Pop Singer based in Austria

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