There were things we used to consider an ‘Anathema’ in our culture and world, but these things have changed, and our world is rapidly evolving in a frightening way. The phrases that used to explain our moral codes are frowned at today and we are forced to align to the current trends and definitions.

God forbid! Anathema! Tufiakwa! are some phrases that encapsulate our feelings when we hear of some things, we just shrug and believe those things are taboos, antithetical to our cultures, alien to our social order and strange to our ears. The word, Anathema is a biblical word with roots in Greek, meaning something ‘accursed’ or a ‘curse’ person not to be touched or befriend. The early church leaders used to excommunicate people that they feel have missed the mark to an irredeemable point, so they anathematise those people.

Paul told the Corinthian believers to even consider those who don’t want to see the Lord’s coming an ‘anathema’, it goes thus ‘If a man loves not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be an Anathema, Maranatha’ (1 Cor 16 v 22). This is very instructive and a frightening moral code for those living in that world, how things have changed today, and we have shifted our moral grounds because of the pressure and ever-changing culture of the West.

Allow me to Inspire you today on some of the issues that used to be an anathema but have become acceptable today very sadly. I pen these thoughts of mine down with tears in my eyes and hope God will help some leaders to champion a Social Revolution and create a new Social Order.


  1. ABORTION: Our parents used to tell ladies never to take lives of unborn babies. It was an anathema to abort a pregnancy but totally acceptable today because they took the issue to the political arena from being in the social and moral theatres. It was a calculated move by those who could not have won the battle socially but are winning politically today.


  1. INSULTING YOUR PARENTS: I was at the airport recently and saw the way a very young child screamed at the parent in public, the mother was pleading and begging the child, the child could not have been more than 8 years old, and they are Nigerians not westerners. That was an ‘anathema’ some years ago, but things have changed today unfortunately.


  1. STEALING AND PILFERING: This was a total anathema in most societies until now in our Nigerian society. I’m saddened by the way we justify corruption, celebrate criminals, pontificate scammers and fraudsters in our society today. We are shamelessly greedy and encourage pilfering in every way, we put political office holders under so much pressure by asking them for the head of John the Baptist, even though we know they will have to steal to get it. The Pastors make matters worse when they expect the loot of national treasury to be brought in as tithes and offerings while we turn the blind eyes. This used to be an ‘anathema’…what happened to us?


  1. PROSTITUTION: The oldest profession in the world they call it. Prostitution has always been an anathema even though people practice the same. They do this under the cover of the dark and what is called red light districts in western countries have become openly done and shamefully practiced. In fact, they have changed the name to ‘escorts and people put their pictures and naked bodies on pornographic websites, look at what our young university girls are doing today. Oh Lord, Help us…anathema!


  1. PARENTS PAYING FOR THEIR CHILDREN’S EXAMSThis is the worst of all and never practiced but done today in the Nigerian world. I’m even very unhappy mentioning this scandalous act in this piece. What happened to godly parenting in Lagos and Nigeria? with all the churches that we have in town, our moral code is declining daily, and we live like people who have lost their minds. What will make a parent go and pay teachers or some other persons to write their children’s exams for them…God forbid!

Let me stop here and elicit your contributions to this piece, can you drop me a note and send me some of your considered ‘anathemas’ in today’s world.

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