BLACK SUNDAY…Retaliation or Reconciliation?

BLACK SUNDAY…Retaliation or Reconciliation?

My heart sank in deep sorrow for my brothers and sisters in faith that lost their lives in the tragedy that occurred in Owo, Ondo state of Nigeria yesterday, Sunday the 5th of June. The fact that some terrorists boldly interrupted a Sunday Service in the Catholic Church by killing so many harmless and defenseless believers simply exercising their right to worship on the day of their choice is heart-rending and rage-provoking. I am very sad and unhappy with the current trend in our nation.

The question in my heart after reading so many responses from many faith-based WhatsApp groups that I belong to is, WHAT SHOULD WE DO? How should we respond as believers? Should we Retaliate or Mediate? Should believers Revenge or leave Vengeance to God? These and many more call for insights from scriptures concerning how believers should respond to attacks on their faith without deploying emotive responses.

I will share my thoughts on the subject today fearfully and truthfully, I know many people may not accept my position, but we must search scriptures to develop our doctrinal positions in situations like what happened yesterday. We should ask ourselves, What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) as instructed in the Bible, ‘leaving us as an example, that we should follow in His steps’ (1 Pet 2 v 21). We must think realistically about What Jesus Would Do in these circumstances.

Secondly, we also must think about What the Apostles Would Do, in fact, we have so many examples in scriptures of the apostles being persecuted and killed, yet they did not reply with the devil’s venom like their enemies but showed love and conquered the world then, with the gospel they both preached and lived. My opinion also sounds strange to my ear however, it is the biblical thing to Yeah…I know you are not accepting my opinion, I even sound stupid to myself yet I know deep down in my belly that I also sound biblical even though it doesn’t make sense.

Let me close with some salient scriptures on the above subject



  1. VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYS THE LORD (Rom. 12:19):  This is what the Lord says concerning taking vengeance for gruesome and inhumane attacks on the righteous. Some are done by those of the other faith which could be violent in nature by those who twisted their scriptures and practice their faith wrongly.


  1. AN EYE FOR AN EYE (Lev. 24: 19 – 20): This is what Moses said to his people as a National Leader, not a Spiritual Leader. Moses occupied two seats in the land, the more important one was the Political Leadership while Aaron occupied the Priesthood (spiritual), so we must understand the difference when we read the Laws of Moses.


  1. HEAP A COAL OF FIRE (Ps. 25:22): We are supposed to show Love and by so doing heap coals of fire on their head. We should never retaliate except we are working as citizens of Nigeria, not Faithful Believers which is okay and understandable, but we must not claim it’s for the faith but for humanity.


  1. SHEATHE YOUR SWORD BACK (John 18:11): Jesus told peter this when he drew his sword to fight a spiritual battle with carnal weapons. The Apostle had swords for normal protection through the deep desert and dangerous paths but not for spiritual battles that Jesus was engaged in at Gethsemane.

Many thanks and blessings.

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