I am thrilled by the response of the lady who pestered the Lord Jesus for some mercy over her sick daughter. This lady’s story can be found the Mathew’s account of the Gospel. She was an outsider, who heard of the Master’s graces of healing and miracles and approached Him to heal her sick daughter but the Master did not answer her one word. Nevertheless, I like her ‘never say never’ spirit, because she did not quit but was persistent until she got the master’s attention. The disciples had asked Jesus to shun her and asked that He tell her to stop hounding or harassing them but she just could not be bothered.

Jesus finally gave her the attention and told her the bitter truth many of us wouldn’t want to hear when we are in desperate situations in Life. You are ‘not qualified’ for this breakthrough, that is my paraphrase of what our Lord Jesus told the lady, it actually goes thus: ‘but He answered and said, it is not meet to take the children’s bread and cast it to dogs’ (Matt 15 v 26). Wow, that would have been termed offensive in today’s world of liberal theology, but the woman did not take offense in those words, she shocked me with her attitude through her response.

‘Truth Lord, yet the dogs eat from the crumbs which fall from their master’s table.’ She did not argue with the Master, she did not feel bad with being called a dog, she did not blame anybody for her predicament, she did not accuse the Master of discrimination…she simply said, Crumbs Are Enough for Me.

I strongly believe in that phrase sincerely because I am aware of God’s power because truthfully the Crumbs of God’s Favour and Grace are enough to sort out many problems that bother us daily. We do not need all of God’s Mightiness or Almightiness but just Crumbs of His Splendour for our situations to change. I prayed this prayer this morning before leaving for my office. I asked God for Crumbs of His Presence to be released on me.

There are children with access to the whole loaf and still do not eat any at all, while some of those who understand Grace get their lives changed with Crumbs through their attitude daily. I want you to develop an attitude of Gratitude towards God and with deep understanding of WHO He is by sometime just asking for the little things of Heaven. I am sure you will be shocked how those little things will cause great changes in your earthly situations and life.
Blessings and shalom.

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