Yes, Lamentations not Celebrations is the subject of my Inspiration today. It’s against the flow of what we usually desire and long for, we like articles that are Inspiring, Motivational, Positive, Full of Faith, Affirmative and so on but got Inspired by the fact that God also gave us the Book of Lamentations in the Bible, there are times that we should honestly Lament for the state of things around us.

I saw a very short video of a young lady who did not want to get down from an Uber because she did not have money to pay for the trip. The driver had patiently waited for about 1 hour and he had to record the conversation between them for about 2 minutes because the lady was begging him to wait a little longer since her boyfriend was not picking her calls. She kept calling and the boyfriend just did not pick up, she could not get down, she had no money and was dressed loosely without any bra, the cost of the trip was N2,100 and my eyes were filled with tears…What A Life!

We need to switch to Lamentation mode in our land, we can see our young girls become prostitutes, our young boys are full time scammers. My driver told me recently, that the teenagers have all left school for Cult and Gang violence, the Politicians are busy looting the treasury, the Clergy are becoming more creative in lying and deceiving the gullible with fake and miracle monies, the Academia are deeply corrupt, the Judiciary is stinking with injustice for the common man, the Police haven’t changed even after we ended SARS, we should be in a Lamentation Mode in my honest opinion.

The Book of Lamentations has some sobering thoughts and I’ll like to share a few with you today so that we can be Inspired from the Wise Lamentations of a Prophet. These can ignite some fire in your belly to be the Change agent our Land needs.


  1. STATE OF THE NATION: The Prophet lamented over the land with these words, ‘How does a city sit solitary that was full of people, how is she become a widow, she that was great among nations…’ (Lam. 1 v 1). How did our Land become a Pariah State that no one wants to visit, her sons and daughters are all fleeing to Canada and UK!


  1. STATE OF THE YOUTH: I have always wondered why the Prophet will say bearing the Yoke is Good, until I understood the essence of Work and what the Yoke stands for in the scriptures, ‘It is good for a man that he bears the yoke in the days of his youth’ (Lam. 3 v 27). To Work when you are young so that you will rest and retire when you are old, but our youth prefer to cheat and sit idly begging today unlike our days.


  1. STATE OF THE ECONOMY AND POVERTY: I told us what could be deadlier than the sword last week – Poison, but today, I lament about the state of the economy and poverty in the land with the Prophet, he says, ‘They that be slain with the sword are better than they that be slain with hunger…’ (Lam. 4 v 9). Can you imagine that to Die of Hunger is Worse than Sword?


  1. STATE OF THE CHURCH: The prophet mentioned that the reasons why ‘things fall apart…’ Like Chinua Achebe mentioned is because of the state of the Church and Clergy, where righteousness should reign supremely has became the home of greed and avarice, ‘…would not have believed that the adversary and enemy should have entered into the gates Jerusalem, for the sins of her prophets and the iniquities of her priests, that have shed the blood of the just in the midst of her’ (Lam. 4 v 12-13).


  1. SUMMARY OF THE LAMENTATIONS: The summary of the lamentations of the Prophet is equally mine, it’s in one verse of scriptures, ‘The Crown is Fallen from our head, Woe unto us, that we have sinned’ (Lam. 5 v 16)

Let me stop here and hope we can all take a deep look at our ways and lives. I hope this has Inspired you today and not Condemned you.

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