‘Thank you so very much sir, you are very polite and courteous, quite unlike some people sir…’ Those were the words of a salesperson at a perfume shop to me. He had ushered me to a few stands looking for my preferred cologne, I didn’t know that he took note of some of my gestures and words. He pulled me aside after I paid to make those complimentary remarks to me, and I thanked him, but those words got me thinking because I did not do anything extra but was Just Nice to him.

The Bible tells us as Believers to be nice to all men and be courteous, I know our understanding of faith is about being saved, baptised with the Holy Ghost, pay tithes, worship God, invite friends to church services and win souls for the Lord. We sometimes ignore these little things that matter and wonder why we are struggling to get more souls saved with our lives not just our words.

Apostle Peter says, ‘finally be of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brothers, be pitiful and BE COURTEOUS’ (1 Pet. 3 v 8). Amazing to know that God wants us to simply be nice and polite to people. Let me Inspire you today towards being Nice, Kind and Courteous to people this week. It’s not very difficult to be a nice person even though I wonder why we struggle a lot in this area.

I have noticed that we are generally in a hurry, brash, impolite, intolerant, insensitive and inconsiderate of others. We always want to be ahead, take other people’s spots, jump the queue, pay our way to skip the line, disrespect people that aren’t rich, talk down at people who are elderly and poor, and so many things like that, these should not be done by those who have the Spirit of God dwelling in them even if unbelievers do them, let’s just be Nice to People.


  1. SAY THANK YOU ALWAYS: Make it a point of duty to Thank people who do things for you even if you are paying them for those services, Thank the Waiter, Thank the Uber Driver, Thank the Church Usher who opened the doors for you, Thank the Security man who opened the gate…just say Thank you to everyone who helped you somehow.


  1. SMILE ALWAYS: Try so hard to smile always and don’t wear your moods on your face. We should not infect other people with our hangovers with people and challenges with people. We should try to keep a smiling face and cheerful look even when we are unhappy with something at work or home. Don’t bring others into your problems.


  1. HELPING HANDS: Always be willing to lend a helping hand to those who might need the same, those considered in society as weak and feeble are the elderly, sickly and young. Being helpful won’t hurt anyone but will be considered a courteous gesture, many believers should be willing to lend a helping hand to those in need but be wise about it as well.


  1. ANSWER QUESTIONS POLITELY: There are people who may be lost or in need of some answers, you may encounter such during your day, maybe in the office, supermarket, in church, on your street while taking a walk, on campus or any other place you find yourself. Be willing and ready to answer questions and give directions, some have entertained angels unaware the Bible tells us in Heb. 13 v 2.


  1. DO NOT LAUGH AT PEOPLE IN PUBLIC: This is perhaps the most nasty and repulsive action anyone should bear against another. It’s very disheartening that people laugh at others, even call them names with racist slurs etc simply because they don’t agree, or those people make some mistakes. It’s very bad to laugh at people in public and not a courteous action.

I hope you have been Inspired on being always courteous.

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