I watched a movie of a great soldier who could not be killed by the enemy, time and time again, they ambushed this great warrior but like Samson the Judge of Israel, he defeated the enemy and escaped their traps. The leaders thought hard on how to tame this great solider and warrior, so they brought before him a beautiful lady (which happens to be the Achilles heel of most great men) with a deadly poison. She tricked him with a bottle of wine ladened with the deadly poison and the man fell without a fight.

The moral of that lesson for me is critical as a student of Leadership, I coined the title of this Inspire Today from this tragic story, even though it’s a fiction but I’m sure similar things have happened in history, and we should all learn from the fact that one of the things that Can Be Deadlier Than a Sword is a drop of Poison injected into one’s system.

The Bible tells us as well about the danger of Poison from the beginning, the reason humanity dreads snakes is not because of their bite but their venom that is released with the bite, that venom is the snake’s poison and can be so potent that it disarms any Mighty man in minutes and for some in seconds. Remember what Solomon said about the Power of alcohol intake without caution, ‘at the last, it bites like the serpent and stings (poison) like the adder’ (Prov 23 v 32).

There are times that we play around poisonous habits and people, we should run from those who are toxic and dangerous in life. Many great people have fallen because of toying around some men and women who are poisonous in life, let me Inspire you today on some Poisonous and deadly people and things in life.


  1. THE SLANDEROUS TONGUE: There are people lose with their tongues and are willing to slander others wrongly because of envy or hatred. I want to ask you to stay away from bitter and hateful people who are unhappy in life and looking for lives to destroy with their untamed tongues. They curse and lie on social media and in real life, they spread fake news and bad news joyfully and gladly, they accuse innocent people and infuse their venom into other naive souls out there. James the Apostle told us about the Poison in the tongue, ‘the Tongue can no man tame, it’s an unruly evil, full of deadly POISON’ (James 3 v 8). 


  1. WRONG DOCTRINE: This is for those who believe everything from the pulpit, Wrong Teachings and Doctrines can be so deadly and dangerous to the well-being of the soul. Our Lord Jesus warned us of the Leaven of the Pharisees which is the wrong doctrine they preach, ‘...then understood they how that he bade them not to beware of the leaven of the bread, but if the DOCTRINE OF THE PHARISEE…’ (Matt. 16 v 11-12)


  1. EVIL ASSOCIATION AND FRIENDSHIP: There is a popular saying that has been manifested in my life and ministry over the last two decades amazingly, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. I’ve seen many people become friends simply because of their mutual hatred for some of the things I stood for. I must confess however that those friendships did not really last but were dissolved after there was nothing more to glide them together. The Bible says, ‘evil communication (association and friendship) corrupt good manners’ (1 Cor. 15 v 33).

Let me stop here and hope you can ‘purge’ the poison that may be within your soul for people that haven’t offended you. Live peaceably with all men, the coming of the Lord is at hand.

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