I had a private meeting with a wise man last week, during the course of our conversation, he told me a story about what happened to him some years ago, how some people made a false accusation about him at his place of work, his direct boss had vouched for him and he felt comfortable with not dignifying the accuser with the reaction he wanted, so he just simply kept silent, then he told me ‘Rev sir, Silence is always golden indeed’.

I left his place and recalled another conversation I had with a close associate of mine three weeks ago about silence in leadership. He made a profound statement that should go for a quotable quote, he said ‘Rev, Nobody Can Misquote Silence’. I chewed that phrase and quote for days and couldn’t disagree with it less. It made so much sense. I totally agree with the notion because it would have solved some of the problems, I faced headlong with clenched fists brawling for fights that were unnecessary.

I had to search scriptures for verses that supports the philosophy of silence being golden and found a good one in Prov. 26 v 4, ‘Answer Not A Fool According To his Folly…’ I know the verse after that also says we should answer some fools lest they think they are wise in their own minds, but my subject today is on Silence as a virtue that Leaders and aspiring Leaders should embrace if they want to last longer in Leadership as winners.

Let me tell you the scripture that ‘killed’ (the word ‘killed’ is a modern lingua for ‘making a point’) it for me when I searched my Bible. It is found in Eccl. 3 v 7, the words of the wisest man that ever lived who incidentally was also a preacher as well. ‘A Time to rend and a time to sew, a TIME TO KEEP SILENT and a Time to Speak’, what a word, when precisely is a time to keep silent…

Allow me to show you the Time to Keep Silent so that you are not misjudged and misquoted in life’s crisis.



  1. WHEN FOOLS ARE TALKING: Like I mentioned earlier, you should not answer a fool lest you are considered one as well. There are people that just want to engage you on matters that are obvious on religion, faith, nation etc. The fact that the fellow said there is no God should not mean you should waste your precious time answering such because ‘the fool says, there is no God.’


  1. SOCIAL MEDIA ABUSERS: I have found out that there are some people who derive pleasure in ‘abusing’ others on social media, they make statements about people they have never met and make false assertions about them, so please do not reply such people, just switch off and let them be. I recall someone who called me names on social media, that really got to me until my Personal Assistant told me to look at the person’s profile before I allow his comments get at me. I’m sure you know what happened after that.


  1. FAMILY SPOILERS: There are people in your family who envy you for no good reason and just go around to spoil your name, they probably hate you for something your parents did to them, they are the terrible uncles, bad aunties, envious brothers, and half sisters. Remember what they did to Joseph and don’t reply to them. Silence is Golden.


  1. WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE THE FULL STORY: Refrain from making judgemental statements on other people’s character when you hear one side of the story until you hear the other side. I fell into this error several times in the last few years when mediating cases, but now I’m older and wiser, so I hardly make statements until I get the full gist of the matter.


  1. WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE TO TALK: I know of a young man who always has to say something during church family and business meetings on every subject you can imagine. It’s either he is asking questions, making comments, or just saying something even when what he is saying doesn’t make any sense, he just always wants to be heard. I got tired of hearing him but still couldn’t do anything about it, so I will just allow him to talk. You can keep silent when you have nothing to say. Remember, silence is golden.

Let me stop here and pray that you have been Inspired with this article on Silence.

Blessings and shalom.

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